From the beginning of the 90s, Ludmann decided to reduce significantly its environmental impacts. These efforts were rewarded by the delivery of the "Trophy of the Water" by the Rhine-Meuse Basin agency in 1997.

Since 1994, waters of rinsing of surface treatments are reused after passage in a vacuum evaporator. This system allows to work with "zero discharge" and decrease considerably the contributions in water.

For the customers who wish it, we use "re-used" boxes (while stocks last). It allows to reduce our cardboard volumes to recycle.

We pursue our environmental approach by mastering and by reducing our consumptions of energy and water.

The majority of our products at the end of their life are recyclable in 100 % in steelworks.

Our products can become integrated into an approach of eco-design.
They are also in accordance with the directive RoHS (except yellow zinc plated items).